University of Minnesota's Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition Gains Strong Sponsorship


In its second year of open sponsorship, the University of Minnesota's Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition garnered support from a dedicated group of sponsors, reinforcing the event's commitment to shaping the future of geriatric care. With over 100 students representing more than 12 disciplines, and 45 coaches and judges volunteering, this year's competition showcased the power of interprofessional collaboration in addressing the challenges and opportunities of an aging population. 

The competition, a hub of innovative thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork, brought together a diverse group of students, providing a unique platform for them to tackle a complex geriatric case. It serves as a crucial step in preparing the future healthcare workforce to cater to the unique needs of older adults.

This year's generous sponsors, including Rebecca Cassidy, Health Partners, MAGIC (Minnesota Association of Geriatric Inspired Clinicians), MN Leadership Council on Aging, and Huong Nguyen, PhD, played an instrumental role in ensuring the success of the competition. Their support helped provide awards to the winning team of students, recognizing the remarkable contributions of the participants. This is important as the geriatric case competition has a goal of competing at the same level as other prestigious annual competitions such as CLARION. Congratulations to winners of the 2023 University of Minnesota Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition

Dr. Huong Nguyen, a supporter of the competition, emphasized the importance of such events, stating, "I support the geriatric case competition because I believe that great breakthroughs, innovations, inspirations, and life-changing collaborations might start in competitions like this." Her words underscore the significance of collaborative efforts in improving geriatric care.

The competition's growth and the increasing interest from students and sponsors alike have opened doors for more organizations to consider future sponsorship. Supporting this initiative helps build a workforce that is well-equipped to provide exceptional care to older adults, making a lasting impact on the well-being of our aging population.

As the University of Minnesota's Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition gains momentum, we invite organizations to join us in shaping the future of geriatric care. Your sponsorship of future Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competitions can make a difference, fostering innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare. Together, we can build a better tomorrow for older adults.