Educating Current and Future Health Professionals in Age-Friendly Care

Doctor viewing x-ray

The Minnesota Northstar GWEP is preparing the current and future workforce to care for older adults and create Age-Friendly systems. Our team is implementing a multi-faceted geriatrics training program to reach a wide variety of healthcare providers and interprofessional learners in Minnesota. This program includes:

  • Disrupt Aging Classroom: Free Facilitated Curriculum is a two-hour, interactive curriculum that challenges students to examine their aging perceptions and think about how the growing aging population is relevant to their personal lives and future careers. The Disrupt Aging Classroom curriculum is presented by AARP volunteer facilitators who are trained extensively on the content and effective delivery. At the University of Minnesota, our key facilitator is Rajean Moone, PhD, LNHA/LALD, FGSA, a faculty expert in Long Term Care Administration. Facilitators can present either in the classroom or virtually through a live-video presentation. The curriculum complements any course of study and can be presented across disciplines at university campuses. Disrupt Aging Classroom’s curriculum is offered at no cost to higher education institutions. To schedule, contact [email protected]. 
  • The Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection is a rich online resource collection of educational materials. Resources include geriatric care toolkits, learning modules, case studies, clinical tools, patient education materials, and more. This is created in collaboration with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education in their Resource Center, which will allow you to explore the collection and contribute your own resources!
  • Development of new and updated geriatrics education materials and webinars to include current care challenges, such as substance and opioid use disorder, chronic care self-management, disaster preparedness, and care transitions.
  • Training and resources for clinical preceptors in geriatric care and collaborative practice in preparation for student rotations.
  • Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition, an extracurricular activity to enhance the professional and leadership development of health professions students.
  • Expanded training for School of Dentistry students, working with other health professionals, to meet the increasing need for greater access to comprehensive dental services for older adults.
  • Training personnel in long-term care to maximize safety for older adults, including those with dementia.
  • Minnesota Geriatrics ECHO for Long Term Care shared learning across the clinical and executive leaders of Minnesota’s assisted living and skilled care settings.